Favorite Desert : Brownie

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我最愛的布朗尼 My favorite desert is brownie. Every time while I have to stay up or keep awake, I used to have a black coffee without any milk and sugar. But sometimes it just too bitter for me to finish.

Once upon a time I found a little black cake, just like a thin brick in the closet of Starbucks. I found it was interesting so I ordered one. It was so sweet that I love it very much. On your left hand, I had a very bitter coffee. On the other hand, I got the very sweet Brownie. It made wonderful balance for me.

But very unlucky, people in Taiwan is not get used to have black coffee. They always drink something like very sweet Markiado or Latei. It was too sweet to have Brownie for them. That's the reason I never saw Brownie in Taiwan Starbucks anymore.


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